Comfortable chairs for your restaurant

08 September, 2016

Whether to create a space like a hotel, a funeral home, a retirement home or a restaurant, we take care to make your environment pleasant. Indeed, at Keca International, we study each of your requests to help you find the furniture that best suits your needs and fits to your image.

article chaises restaurant 2

Thus, we have a wide range of colors, style and shapes for your chairs, to find the model that will better represent your restaurant. We can manufacture custom-made furniture for your unique space.

In order to make your restaurant feel welcoming it is really important that your restaurant is equipped with quality furnishings and located in a well-appointed space. This way your clients will feel as if they never left their home. Make your space attractive will help you attract new customers.

Therefore, when we design a restaurant we take into account the nature of your project, the type of restaurant and the clientele who spends time at your restaurant.

Besides the colors that we propose to make the space harmonious, we always take into account the traffic space, a very important element in a restaurant. Indeed, a guest should feel at ease, never too tight, and not too close to his neighbor. It is therefore important to provide sufficient space of at least 50 cm between tables and chairs. For maintenance, you can simply clean your restaurant chairs with a damp cloth to prevent dirt.

You want to design your restaurant and make it user friendly? Keca International is the ideal partner that offers quality furnishings.