Creating a friendly, functional and warm space with Keca

15 February, 2016

At Keca International, we like creating every space adapt to life, by stressing on the warmth and comfort side. Whether it’s to renovate a restaurant, a hotel or a funeral home, we always bet on the aesthetics and quality of the design, with the designed furniture, treated and finished by a team of more than 70 employees, cabinet makers, painters, sanders and assemblers.

To create a warm and cozy healthcare Residence, it requires a specific furniture installation. Therefore Keca offers a wide range of furniture but also features custom furnishings, which are conceived and made for healthcare Residences.

We dispose customizable products specifically designed for the healthcare residence industry. In order to create furniture adapted to the needs of the elderly and provide an optimal quality of life for residents, we favor the functional aspect and the esthetics.

In order to create a suitable space in healthcare residences and provide optimal quality of life for residents, we bet on functional furniture. Indeed, the decor and the environment of this type of establishment must be carefully designed because it contributes to the quality of life and therefore the health of residents. What is really important for Keca is that residents can feel at home during their stay in the healthcare Residences.

Therefore Keca offers quality chairs offered in a wide range of trendy fabrics that are antimicrobial, from cozy banquettes, custom tables for the dining room and sofas tailored to the needs of the elderly.

Forget the traditional grim decor, Keca International offers you warm living spaces, modern and unique with comfort. It is really important for Keca to provide the professional know-how to creating these spaces at these facilities which ties into their motto which is: well-being.

You want to renovate your healthcare residences by making them more appealing? Contact us and we will offer you a friendly, functional and warm space.