Quality chairs for your hotel

04 August, 2016

As furniture specialists for the hospitality industry we offer a complete range of products from barstools and armchairs to dining tables and lounge seating, all custom made and tailored for your project. Our team of designers will ensure that your space is as unique and personalized as your brand.

article chaise hotel

Our priority is to help you build a space where your customers feel comfortable from the lobby all the way to their room. Therefore, it is essential for us to bring together a concept where your patrons will feel the home away from home experience, with a unique and memorable living atmosphere.

Keca offers a wide range of chairs for hotels. We offer a wide selection whether it be modern or traditional, a choice of metal or wood finish. our products are built to last without compromising comfort. Our team of production specialists combined with our use of strictly high quality materials ensures quality throughout the furniture production process. The result is a line of robust furniture where design and comfort are never compromised.

All our chairs are built with easy to clean materials for your convenience. Our fabrics do not absorb dirt which makes cleaning effortless. Clean for your patrons, and easy to clean for your staff!

Looking to revamp your hotel furniture? Don’t hesitate to contact our team of specialists to help you with your project.