The Quality Of The Furnishings At Keca International

08 June, 2016

Thanks to our know-how and a team of highly skilled professionals Keca International Inc. is one of the leading furniture manufacturers in Canada. Moreover, we are developing our company and our services throughout the United States.

Furthermore, we are developing our company and our services throughout the United States following the success of our presence at BDNY in New York for the month of November 2015, at the NEWH show in Houston and at the HD expo in Las Vegas.

In addition to create a space such as a hotel, a funeral home or a healthcare residence, we also provide products for arranging a restaurant. You will then have a lot of choices across quality tables and chairs as well as durable materials that we offer on our website. We can also create custom furniture to meet all your requests, even the most complexes. Let our team guide you through your choice and we will ensure your complete satisfaction. Keca International can also advise you when you want a unique space adapted on a Baroque style, cocooning or minimalist.

Keca’s main aim is to offer perfect and custom made products. To personalize every product, our designers prepare sketches upon our customers’ requests. We also suggest shades, colors and styles that would fit your image.
The most important for Keca during the construction of a space such as a restaurant, is to make it welcoming so that your customers remember your address. That’s why we take care of linking comfort and pleasure with functional furniture that is modern and practical.

You want to renovate your restaurant and make it more appealing? Contact us and we will offer you a friendly, functional and warm space.