7 Tips to select the right Senior/Assisted living furniture

At Keca international, we know the importance of selecting the right type of furniture for Healthcare Residences and senior living projects. For years we have built products that cater to senior-specific needs; providing at-home comfort with commercial-grade performance.

To create that warm and cozy feel and look in your next healthcare residence project, specific furniture is required, that is why we have come up with these 7 tips to make your selection a bit easier.

1- The right dimensions

Comfort is incredibly important, but it is critical not to overlook some key factors: selecting furniture with the right dimensions, seat height no less than 17 inches, seat width should be at least 19.5 inches, and seat depth should be 19 to 20 inches. Remember, it needs to be easy to get in and out.

Our Albone and Alboneside family is the perfect mix of comfort and the right dimensions.

2- Must haves

Apart from dimensions, there are some other aspects to look for in senior/assisted living furniture, like the armrest, in which case arms attached to the front legs are usually the strongest solution. Also, pay attention in selecting designs with rounded edges, as sharp edges can be dangerous. Also, installing casters on the front legs of dining chairs so residents don’t roll away while seated. We offer a wide selection of models with these features and we can add casters to almost all our models.


3- Frame materials

Maple and beechwood are preferred by most senior/assisted living facilities. They offer more strength in the joints, natural antimicrobial properties, and clear straight grain patterns that accept high-performance finish colors. All our furniture is made from Beechwood.

4- Back rest

Search for chairs and upholstered seating with high and reclined backs, this helps to create a sense of privacy that minimizes visual distractions and helps create a suitable space in healthcare residences; providing optimal quality of life for residents and caretakers. Here a small selection of our high back chairs and lounge seating.

5- Fabric

In senior/assisted living facilities, where the fabric is subject to spills and disasters, soil and stain resistant fabric treatments are important. Select the right fabric to reduce and prevent surface contamination, which is easy to maintain, easy to clean, nonporous and smooth.

Keca offers quality chairs upholstered in a wide range of trendy fabrics that are antimicrobial and moisture/water resistant. From cozy banquettes, custom dining room tables and sofas tailored to the needs of the elderly, Keca can provide solutions for all situations. Take a look at our fabric selection here.


6- Like-home look

Is it traditional? transitional? contemporary? We favor the functional aspect and the aesthetics by providing furniture that is attractive and non-institutional in appearance. The like-home looks to reduce stress levels and contribute to the quality of life and health of residents.

7- Life expectancy

Durability is a top priority when it comes to creating a suitable space in healthcare residences. Furniture’s with high life expectancy, replace and repair availability, like ours, must be the target We ensure longevity and durability in all our products and offer a warranty on all our items. It is important for Keca to provide the professional know-how to creating these spaces at these facilities which ties into their motto which is: well-being.

Forget the traditional grim decor, Keca International offers the right furniture to achieve warm living spaces, modern, unique, and comfortable. We provide customizable products specifically designed for the healthcare residence industry. Do you want to renovate your Senior/Assisted living residences by making them more appealing? Contact us and we will offer you a friendly, functional and warm space. Check out our Healthcare Residence Catalog here.