All about live edge tables

The trend in the wood artwork is here, Live Edge Tables, also called freeform tables. They are beautiful works of art, crafted by hand from eco-salvaged trees.

The process begins with natural wood slabs that are air dried and cut. This exposes years of natural history written into its tree rings. Nature is the first artistic, as every tree possesses a unique individual style. The craftsman then meticulously works the slab to give the wood a second life and assembles a complete custom table.

Every wood slab is unique in pattern, grains, knots, tones, curves and imperfections. Customers have a wide range of choices and designs. Also, the addition of elements such as metal inserts and glass add character and uniqueness to the custom pieces.

Live edge tables are pieces of design that can be found in minimalist and modern interior designs, creating contrast with the rest of the décor. We will assist you in the process of selecting the perfect table for your space and style.


These freeform tables are perfect for dining tables, conference room tables, benches and much more. Give your office a corporate live edge conference table, to impress clients, or find the perfect freeform dining table to bring your hospitality project to life. Customers must be aware when shopping for live edge tables. This latest trend has sparked interest from all around the world and many manufacturers are producing tables that resemble live edges, but are in fact synthetically manufactured to mimic the look of a live edge at a fraction of the cost.

At Keca we pride our self in selling the real live edge tables. Find out more in our live edge catalog.

Remember, when you buy a live edge table, you’re not only getting a piece of functional furniture, you are also acquiring a unique piece of artwork. Call us or drop us a line with your request to make you a quote.