Simple Advice For Elevated Seating

Keca International designs quality custom furniture tailored for hotels, bars and restaurants. Our team of designers will make sure your furniture is adapted to the color, style or shades best suited for your space. We offer a wide range of robust and comfortable metal and wood based stools. Our objective for every project is to help you create the ideal space adapted to everyday use. Furthermore, to provide you the support and advice you need to create the perfect space for your patrons. When it comes to bars it is important to have the proper seat height based your counter height. For a 36 inch tables, we recommend the use a stool to 24 inches. As for 42 inches, use a 30 inch high chair or stool.

For optimal comfort, we recommend a space ranging between 9 to 12 inches between the barstool and the bar counter. In terms of visual appearance for your restaurant or hotel bar we recommend two stools for counters ranging from 48to 60 inches, and three stools when measuring 72 to 96 inches.
As for lateral space, the ideal clearance between your stool and counter should be between 14 and 18 inches. This will provide enough space for your clients comfort and will also entice them into pushing the stool back when they leave. The distance between 2 stools should be a minimum of 30 inches. This provides enough space for comfort between clients who are not from the same party.

It is important to clean them regularly with a damp cloth to prevent embedded dirt in the wood grain. In addition, to avoid damaging the stools and especially the floor, stick extensible sub- foot nylon or stick felt pads under the feet.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team if you want to design your space or to get advice on maintaining your furniture.

Models available in all our standards wood stained colors, and any custom-made color.
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